Hoover Dynamic Next Classic WDXC E4852-80 8+5KG Washer Dryer

Hoover Dynamic Next Classic WDXC E4852-80 8+5KG Washer Dryer


Boasting an A energy rating and plenty of versatile functions, the Hoover Dynamic Next Classic WDXC E4852-80 washer dryer is an economical way to tackle your laundry.


KG mode
KG mode carefully weighs your laundry during the first 4 minutes of the cycle and adjusts the time, water and energy required to achieve a perfect wash - saving you even more time and money.


3D dynamic drum system
Hoover has also redesigned the drum of its latest washing machines to allow your laundry to move in 3-dimensions, offering the best wash yet.


Delay start
Delay your wash for up 24 hours according to your needs. Simply add the detergent, select the programme you require along with the time you'd like the cycle to begin, and let the machine do the rest of the work for you.


LED display
Programme your next wash in no time with the easy-to-use navigational features and light-up LED display that lets you know exactly how much time your chosen cycle has left, so you can effectively plan other tasks in between.


Sensor drying
Equipped with 3 dryness levels and 2 heat settings, the intelligent sensor drying programmes are able to detect the level of moisture inside the drum, and automatically end the cycle once the desired dryness is achieved. This preserves your clothes by preventing over-drying and providing better protection.



  • 8kg wash capacity 
  • 5kg dry capacity 
  • Digital Display
  • 12 programmes
  • Overflow protection
  • Reverse action
  • Quick wash


General information:

  • Size H85cm, W60cm, D54cm
  • A Rating
  • Planet Appliance 3 Months Standard guarantee*





This appliance may have some slight cosmetic imperfections. This does not affect the functionality of the item. The damage, if any, is different on every appliance but is rarely visible when installed. You will still receive the full standard guarantee and the appliance will be inspected prior to being shipped. Please call or message to see photos of any actual damage on the item.


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