Washer & Dryer


At Planet Appliance, we’re dedicated to giving our customers a fair, affordable and enjoyable shopping experience. Take a look at our store warranty policies detailed below to learn more, and reach out today with any questions.

  1. We offer 3 months parts and labour warranty with all our appliances, unless you have extended your warranty. This guarantee is covered by ourselves and all repairs are carried out in our own workshop, we do not repair appliances in customers properties. If you had the item delivered initially, your appliance will be collected by our driver, brought to the workshop for repair and then returned to the address it was collected from. If you collected the item from our store then you will be responsible for returning it for repair.

  2. If you experience a problem within the first 28 days of purchase, we can offer an exchange or repair, in this instance please contact us. After the first 28 days we will offer a repair. All returned items will be fully tested and inspected for any signs of misuse. Items that are identified as misuse will be returned to the customer in its current state and will not be exchanged. All goods will be replaced on a like for like basis.

  3. If during your warranty period your appliance develops a fault, contact the store and a member of our team will ask you a few questions about your appliance. We sometimes ask for pictures or videos to get a better idea and rule out setting and installation errors. If we cannot diagnose via the telephone we will send a driver to collect the appliance if you paid for delivery or for you to return the item if you collected it from store so we can do a diagnostic check. We will either repair your item free of charge or if the item cannot be repaired we will replace it for a like for like item.

  4. All guarantees are for domestic purchases only. If the item is intended for commercial use, the guarantee will become void unless the item is designed for commercial use and sold on this basis.

  5. If the returned item is found to have no faults, you will be charged a flat rate fee of £15. This will include faulty plug sockets, wrong settings applied, incorrect use of appliance, blockages, legs not adjusted on the appliance correctly, customer misuse etc.

  6. In all cases we reserve the right to inspect the product and verify the fault before a replacement is issued. We do not cover faults caused by accident, neglect, misuse or normal wear and tear.

  7. If you have reserved an item you will be asked to pay a £30 non refundable deposit. We will only hold reserved appliances for a period of 2 weeks, after this time if the appliance hasn't been collected or home delivery arranged, the item will be placed back on sale and the deposit will be lost.